Seedbed Ministry and Bible School

Seedbed Teaching Ministry is a subsidiary of Sound the Alarm Ministries, Inc. It is a ministry committed to Kingdom Teaching with an evangelistic tendency.

The name Seedbed is taken from the word Seminarius, which is Greek or Latin word for Seed Plot or a Sower of Seed. Therefore, the ministry functions from a seminar format of teaching planting good seed; cultivating good seed; fertilizing good soil as it produces healthy fruit promoting spiritual soundness as it brings healing and wholeness to the total man. Seedbed’s design assists the believer in developing and cultivating his/her spiritual and ministerial gifts, motive gifts aiding the believer in reaching maturity. It is a ministry of deliverance, bringing down strong holds, barriers and fenced cities challenging the will of God in the lives of God’s people.

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Sound the Alarm Ministries Bible School is a subsidiary of Seedbed Teaching Ministry. At Sound the Alarm Ministries Bible School, anointed instruction leads students through several courses of study. The studies walk you through the Word of God to gain greater understanding through revelation in the Word. Through these studies a deeper commitment to God and His purpose for the Body of Christ is developed. Through the anointed teaching, each student is loosed and endowed in their ministerial calling.

You are sure to receive greater illumination and revelation as the Holy Spirit opens up the Word of God to you. Semesters last 10-12 weeks.

Genesis I & II - “The Book of Origin”

This study traces God’s redemptive plan from His promise in Eden emphasizing the events relating to the establishment and continuation of His covenants with mankind. This study is full of revelation and insight for the spirit of man.

Moving In Authority

This course is an advanced study on taking your rightful place. It will cause you to stand bold as you face various trials and testing during your walk with God. God has given us authority over every work of the enemy and power over the flesh. This course is also designed to give understanding in the established spiritual protocol and order in God’s church.

The Davidic Kingdom & Worship I, II & III

Davidic Kingdom & Worship will prepare your heart for worship. It will encourage you to make God’s praise glorious. It will cause you to rejoice in your cave season as the Lord brings forth in you a brand new spiritual perspective in your life and call.

A Study of Bible Doctrine

This course will bring each student an understanding of the fundamental truths of the Bible.

Loosing the Prophetic

Loosing the Prophetic offers each student an in-depth study into the prophetic ministries and sure to loose a prophetic people.

Atonement & the Tabernacle

This course offers a journey through the Word of God studying the offerings and the tabernacle that foreshadows Christ’s atoning work.

Waging an Effective Spiritual Warfare

The Church today is rising up with a mighty battle cry to defeat the works of the enemy in the Body of Christ, the believers are waking up! Refusing to be victims - but “victors” endued with power and boldness through the Holy Ghost. This course will equip the believer to actively identify, locate and eradicate the mission of the adversary and his operation. Join us as we stand in the splendid armor of our Lord and Savior, enforcing the victory in the heavenlies that they may be made manifest in the earth.